David + Dana

July 8, 2020
 bought a home

So much can change in a couple years! 2.5 years ago Dana bought a condo with me. Two years later, Dana, David her now husband, and their 2 kids needed a little more space than the condo could give them, so the search for the larger spanish style home she wanted began.

Dana was specific about what she wanted in her next home: brand new, from a specific home builder, in the specific area of North Fontana. We were limited on our choices but we found a spanish style home pretty quick that fit their family perfectly.

We listed their condo and found a buyer, but some roads to your new home are smooth sailing, others can feel like a bumpy roller coaster. For this couple, their road to their beautiful new Fontana home was a rocky one, with HOA issue after HOA issue on their condo sale. We went through litigations, FHA denial, reapproval, and then some getting their condo home closed together. I reassured them through the process, this was a unique situation, but we would get it done. And with a lot of perseverance and patience, we did just that!

We closed on their condo with a few days to spare and ended up having the perfect amount of time to move and get things like painting and new counter tops done on their new home prior to move in. I can’t wait to visit this family in their new home and see all they’ve done with their brand new blank slate!


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