May 16, 2020
alt="mom holding baby in front of new house"

Remember those kids you grew up with that were the kids of your parent’s friends? The ones who seemed like cousins, but as you grew up you lost touch with eachother? That was Monique. Our parents went to high school together, we didn’t get to keep in touch through the years and suddenly with a simple friend request on Facebook we were back in eachother’s lives.

We reconnecting over coffee one morning in Glendora Village & it was as if time never passed. I quickly learned Monique was a total boss babe turned new mom & she told me all about how she was ready to find a home for her and her new family.

We quickly got Monique in touch with my preferred lender Tim and were off to see houses a week later.

Monique’s search was one of patience and several offers. With each offer, I kept assuring her “when we find the ONE, you’re going to realize why the other ones didn’t work out.” And sure enough… on our 5th offer, it was the PERFECT home with a stunning backyard surpassing all other we saw, an extra bedroom and exquisite details. The closing was smooth, the champagne was popped, and now she is celebrating her baby’s 1 year birthday settled in her new home.


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